Behind the scenes storage chat.

Last spring joined a club of Stand Up Paddle Boarders, here in Suffolk. Whilst out on Alton Water a few months back I got discussing my job with a fellow 'SUPer'. She was recently given a DSLR and was worried about the amount of space the files were beginning to take up on her computer. I told her all about my set up and realised she was the second person to ask me this in a month.

So I thought I'd share with all of you how I look after my work. 

RAW to jpg

Firstly I shoot RAW. Meaning all my image files aren't compressed and are easier to edit, but it also means that each file is around 50MB. This is very large. Though I edit and save them all as jpg files eventually I need to know my computer has space for these while in the editing process.

Google Drive

Once saved as a jpg and reduced to about 6MB each I normally delete the RAW files. This is where Google Drive kicks in. It quietly runs in the background saving and backing up to the magical land of Cloud storage.  This means no matter where I am I can access all my files and work with them. I pay £7.99 a month for 1TB of storage, you can also stick with the free storage (15GB) given to you when you sign up to use their email. This is great for a few photos and files but if you have lots of large files, like I do it's definitely worth upgrading to the larger packages on offer, currently the largest is 30TB for £239! Most importantly your data is safe.

Amazon Storage

I then back up all my files to Amazon Glacier, which is a highly cost effective storage service. It's reassuring to know everything is tucked away safely and easy to access when and if I need it.

Remote Working

Owning a laptop and having everything on the 'Cloud' has given me such freedom in my work. I used to have everything backing up onto external hard drives attached to my iMac. While there was nothing wrong in working this way it meant I had always worked on my own in my home. I purchased a MacBook Pro last year and it has changed so much for me. If I have a delivery coming I can work from home, if I have a meeting I can meet in a local coffee shop (with wifi) and take my work with me. It has also meant I can spend more time at my creative space at Old Jet. Getting to talk to real humans everyday is my new favourite thing! Having worked for myself for 9 years you can go a 'little' bit mad on your own everyday! I can also take my laptop on shoots and preview images straight away, and if there is wifi available I can back up there and then knowing all files are tucked away nice and safely.


I'm going to write a post about why I love Squarespace so much but in keeping with the theme of this post I'll start with it is accessible wherever I go and that's just great.

If I have a meeting involving a website I have designed I will always make sure I have access to decent wifi. Here is Suffolk I tend to meet at Honey + Harvey , First. or Applaud. All offer amazing coffee and super fast wifi. This allows me to open up Squarespace and discuss the design or content with my client. Having all my photos and design work in Google Drive also means if we need to change an image or upload a file we can access it there and then and make the changes together.

So there it is, spend more time (and a little money) in the cloud to help your productivity.