Learning to breathe.

Before Christmas I was asked by a friend if I'd be interested in helping out his yoga fanatic friend, with branding, a new website and some photography. I agreed, and Wibbs came over for a chat. He told me how he'd got into yoga, how much he'd travelled and how he wanted to open up his knowledge of yoga to the people of Suffolk. We talked over the style and feel of his branding and the way in which he wanted his website to be used by his new and existing clients.

I have been using Squarespace for quite a few years, I am always updating and changing my own site using it. I often get asked if build sites, living with a designer/coder husband, I have always said no and referred people elsewhere. It seemed a bit silly to me, especially as most of the images I take are for people to use on their websites, and normally end up styling the sites themselves. So I now offer websites built in Squarespace. I understand the app so find it very easy to use, I have a background in design, and most importantly it's a very cost effective way to get noticed online.

So. after Christmas I got cracking on Wibbs's new venture. He was clear in his brief, I directed the photography to be clear and simple, and about the yoga itself.

I'm looking forward working together over the year to build up a portfolio of images. Beach scenes, Suffolk tranquility and some yoga classes themselves.