Last week, during my newborn shoot in Norwich we were joined by a very special guest.

Rufus, the energetic three-year-old with a beautiful new baby brother to look after. He is taking his new role very seriously and has even implemented his own uniform.

Don't mess with Spider-Rufus! 

Don't mess with Spider-Rufus! 

He came bursting through the doors, halfway through the shoot - after a day at his childminders, with such determination and power it made one thing very clear, little Ivor is always going to have someone watching his back. His energy was a vast comparison to the tranquil atmosphere we had created with Ivor and the blankets, but it was a lovely change. It made it very clear that once Ivor is up and chasing his superhero big brother, Rohan is going to need a large supply of coffee!

Ivor 038a.jpg