Useful ways to relax on your wedding day


Make sure everything (everything!) is finished the day before.

This will leave you to enjoy your evening, giving you time to have a glass of wine with friends, watch a movie, have a long soak in the tub. Its the only way you’ll be able to think about your day without having to worry if every little job is done or not.

Assign jobs to loved ones.

Whether you have a sibling, a parent or a million bridesmaids, make sure you make the most of them. Give them jobs to do, no matter how little you think it might be just ask someone else to do it for you. You’ll be surprised how willing people are, and hey, you’re the bride, it’s officially the only day you are allowed to do nothing, remember that!

Spend some time on your own in the morning.

Stay in bed for half an hour longer, reading or watching TV. Get up a little earlier than everyone else and spend it having a long shower or a hot soak in the bath. It’s important time to reflect on what has happened to get you to this exciting time in your lives together. Or it could just be time to sit and think of nothing, even for just half an hour. It’s luxury time, your luxury time, make sure you make time for it, and use it well!

Keep Rescue Remedy close by.

It is something that a bride introduced me to when I first started photographing weddings. She gave it to her bridesmaid so she knew it would be close by throughout the day. It certainly helped the nerves with both me and my husband on our wedding day and is now something I always carry in my camera bag, just in case!

Most importantly make sure you and your husband/wife take time out during the day to spend alone.

Go for a walk, sit under a tree or find a quiet room to have a glass of champagne in. It can be an exhausting day so any time out you can find will be sure to recharge your batteries, and give your cheek muscles a chance to relax for five!

Hopefully these tips can help both of you to relax and enjoy your special day together.